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What is L'Abri?Communicating ideasWhat in the world is real?Is anyone there?Has anyone spoken?What about other religions?What does it mean to be human?What is spiritual reality?Knowing othersUnderstanding myselfHow then shall we live?Art needs no justificationWhose planet is it anyway?

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Terms & conditions

What is L'Abri?

History of L'Abri
Themes of L'Abri

Communicating ideas

Giving a word back
Communication & culture

What in the world is real?

The place of the mind in Christianity
History of ideas and philosophy
Conversations between philosophy & Christianity
What is postmodernism?
Conversations between science & Christianity
Conversations between psychology & Christianity
Conversations between sociology & Christianity
History & Christianity

Is anyone there?

The case for Christianity
Who is God?
The Word on God
The Word made flesh

Has anyone spoken?

Can language lead us to truth?
What is the Bible?
How do I interpret the Bible?
Exploring the Old Testament
Exploring the New Testament
Exploring Biblical doctrine

What about other religions?

New Age
Cults & sects

What does it mean to be human?

The Word on humanity
The spirituality of being human
Creativity & humanness
What is a relationship with God?

What is spiritual reality?

Exploring spiritual reality
Idolatory & illusion
Spirituality & the Holy Spirit
Guidance and decision-making
Spirituality of prayer & the sacrements
Spirituality of work
Spirituality & morality
Spirituality of rest & leisure
Critique of 'evangelical' spirituality
Critique of liberalism
Critique of Catholicism
Critique of Eastern Orthodoxy

Knowing others

What is a relationship?
Are men from mars and women from venus?
What is marriage?
What is family?
What is Community?
What is the Church?

Understanding myself

Why am I so broken?
Who am I?
Body image and eating disorders
Cynicism & hope
Doubt & discouragement
Seeking help

How then shall we live?

Understanding contemporary culture
What is Education for?
Negotiating science & technology
Exploring politics & economics
What is the role of Christians in society?
Responding to poverty and the Third World
Who is for war & who is for peace?
Ethics & the moral maze

Art needs no justification

Art & its relationships
Fine arts
Classical music
TV & cinema

Whose planet is it anyway?

The Word on creation
In the beginning...?
Ecology & the environment
What is the future of the great planet earth?